What is it about?

This is a Destination Element, in a pipeline, which consumes a single given input (which is a table in our platform) and uploads the data to a customer-provided Azure Blob Storage account. This means that, each time this Destination is executed, the whole contents of a table in the platform are dumped (uploaded) into the customer-provided blob container.

What are the pre-requisites to use this action?

The pre-requisites to use this pipeline action are:

Example layout and configuration

A minimal sample pipeline layout would look like this:

A dumb pipeline, consisting only of two elements.

A dumb pipeline, consisting only of two elements.


  1. A source integration, to draw data from.
  2. A middle node, which would sub-select or convert the input data to a new format or set of columns.
  3. The Azure Blob Storage action node, which will have the task of uploading the data in the incoming format from the middle node.

An example on how this operator must be configured is shown in the following image:



Depicting, in order:

  1. The name of the file, without extension.