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What is needed to configure an integration?

In order to synchronize a Google Sheets document, it is required:

Is there any limitation on databases and data types?

As long as the cells' contents are text, this integration type will do its best on guessing the data type for each column to import. Avoid mixing cell formats, so things like texts and dates are not mixed by mistake and our platform can have a clear understanding of the layout of your data.

How does the stream replication work?

Only one mode is supported: "Full Table".

"Full Table" completely wipes out any data in our platform the stream previously downloaded, and then the whole data from the stream's source sheet is dumped into our platform.

How can these integration be managed?

Google Sheets integrations provide the ability for self-management. This means: integrations can be configured (this includes connectivity parameters and adding more source streams), re-scheduled, and launched on demand.

How to prep Google Sheets data