Welcome to the official Datagran community wiki . Here you will be able to share code, best practices, examples, case studies or anything you think can help out the community. Rules of the community are simple:

  1. When you join the community introduce yourself in Introductions.
  2. You can add pages inside Datagran Wiki and build your own topic. Just go to the left menu and in Datagran wiki clic on the + sign.


When you create a new topic please include who's the author. Please go here for an example.

  1. Do not delete or modify topics created by others. You can only comment on other's topics.

  2. When you create a topic, enable discussions so that others can contribute to your topic. You can activate discussions hovering above the title when you create a topic.

  3. Datagran reserves the right to delete any topic that considers is not appropiate.



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