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About Datagran

What is Datagran?

Why Datagran?

Who is Datagran for?

What's the difference between Datagran and other ML tools?

Will you replace someone in our team?

Are you guys GDPR compliant?

Is Datagran a CDP or a DMP? What’s the difference?

Can I use only one feature?

Do you work with one algorithm?

Can I use Datagran in languages other than English?

Do you have a public roadmap?

Models and algorithms

What type of algorithms do you have?

What are all the algorithms you have?

Can I move Datagran models to another place?

Do I get the metrics of the models?

Can I measure the accuracy of multiple models?

Can I do unstructured data? Do you have Deep Learning?


What integrations do you support?

How do I upload my existing data?

Full table vs Key based

About Google Sheets

Do you have SSL?

Does my database need to be public?

Can I set the frequency in my integration?

Is it real time or batch?

Can I replicate incrementally or is it always full table?

Do you copy the data or do you move it?

Can you bring the data via a REST API?

Do you have on prem?

Do I have to organize my data before uploading it?

Can I assign granular permissions or just read and write?

Will my old rows be updated if I am using key based?

What type of Data can I connect?

About Facebook and Google

Facebook Permission error


What are Boards?

How do I use them?

Why do I need them?

How can I update a Board once it's been created?


What is a Pipeline?

Elements on a Pipeline

Do I need to be an expert to create a Pipeline?

Why a Pipeline?

Can I bring my own code into Datagran?

How many data units will I spend for 1 million data rows?

How to create a Pipeline?

What's a Data Unit?

Pipeline Status

Can I visualize the output of my pipelines in PowerBI?


What are Charts?

How do I create a Chart?

Can't see my sources

What can I visualize a Chart?

How do I know what type of Chart is ideal for my client?

Where are my Charts saved? Do I need to bring them to my Boards?

Can I use Charts in my Pipelines?


What are Templates?

Behavioral Path

How can I use the Templates section?

What's the ideal amount of data?

How do I make use of the data analyzed in the Templates section?

Why is only a % of my data analyzed on the Sankey Diagram / Behavioral Chart?

Rest API

What is Datagran's Rest API?

Why should I use Datagran's Rest API?

How does Datagran's Rest API work?


How much will I spend in data units?

What are Data Units?

How are MTUs calculated?

Profile and Billing

Billing FAQ

Upgrade or Cancel your paid plan

Where can I change my password?

Billing and refunds

I received a promo code that isn’t working.


Data Management policy