Learning resources to get you started using Datagran, for administrators and end users. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

How to use Datagran

Getting Started


Quick video Demo

Live walkthrough by Pratham, Prashant and Raza (Advanced).

In the link below you will find technical documentation on how to use Pipelines, Integrations and Actions.

Datagran Documentation

How to’s

How to send Data to PowerBI

How to create a Notion Dashboard

Data Integration

Introduction to Integrations


How pipelines work

Creating alerts in pipelines


How to create a chart

Data Units

How much will I spend in data units?

Workspaces & Projects

Workspaces and projects intro

How to add and invite people


In here you will find usage examples from our community.

Datagran WIKI


How does behavioral analytics template work

How do Boards work?

ML No Code Academy 101

AI: How, now and future.

Data Science workflow

Stop the data divide

Linear regression and how to use it

Logistic regression and how to use it

RFM model explained

Recommended product

Unsupervised Learning Techniques: Clustering

Run your first linear regression in Datagran with code